Worked Examples

The worked example theme provides the opportunity for GMDSI to ‘think aloud’. Over the course of the GMDSI project we hope to undertake up to 10 worked examples.

GMDSI will work alongside industry and government modellers, aiming to add value to existing modelling work by applying high-end data assimilation and uncertainty quantification methods to real life projects. Our work will be documented, and shared, so that others can follow. 

With worked examples, we aim to:

  • demonstrate and explain new data assimilation and uncertainty analysis methodologies that are available through public domain model partner software
  • explain the benefits of using these methodologies
  • suggest ways in which decision-support models can be designed to take advantage of these methodologies
  • lower the barriers to everyday use of model-partner software by the groundwater industry.

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Worked Example: water supply security

Our first worked example report describes design and development of a predictive model built to examine water supply security of a small town in South Eastern