Home Tutoring

GMDSI is seeking creative ways to implement its education theme. Home tutoring is one of these ways.

Home tutoring is ‘education with a difference’ – a two-way exchange that recognises the importance of local knowledge combined with state-of-the-art simulation and data assimilation technology.

GMDSI will assist modellers and other stakeholders to better understand what decision-support modelling can and cannot achieve. Armed with this understanding, we hope that environmental managers will be better equipped to undertake modelling activities in ways that serve their purposes better than before.

To begin with, we’ll liaise with you and your team and familiarise ourselves with:

  • the management challenges that you face
  • the datasets that record the groundwater/surface-water system that you manage
  • the outcomes of previous decision-support modelling work
  • decisions that you must make
  • your ideas on what to do next.

We’ll then share our insights and experiences, aiming to explain what decision-support methods can accomplish for you, and suggesting ways in which you can realise the true worth of your data by reducing the uncertainties of decision-critical model predictions. Where predictive uncertainties remain high, we can discuss ways in which management and policy formulation can accommodate these uncertainties. We can also demonstrate how modelling can optimise the acquisition of future data. Finally,we’ll write a short report on what has emerged from our discussions, and will remain available for follow-up advice.

The philosophical basis of GMDSI home tutoring is that of shared learning. We will:

  • learn from your insights and experiences
  • provide advice tailored to your needs
  • assess whether your model is fulfilling its potential
  • make suggestions on your models.

Is there a cost?

The costs are minimal. We will ask you to cover our expenses; we will cover our own time.

Want to know more?

Please contact us with your question or the details of your proposed project.

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