PEST Help Pages

For a comprehensive description of PEST, the philosophy behind PEST, PEST support software, and how it all fits together, visit the PEST Help Pages.

These pages are comprehensive. They allow you to piece together workflows that suite your own modelling context. They give advice on important modelling issues such as:

  • what parameterisation device to employ
  • use of pilot point parameters
  • building a covariance matrix for regularisation or uncertainty analysis 
  • how to add regularisation to a PEST control file
  • how to undertake spatial and temporal interpolation from model outputs to field measurement sites and times
  • how to quickly set up a PEST input dataset
  • how to work with PEST++ on the one hand and PEST_HP on the other hand using the same set of files
  • how to import MODFLOW, MODFLOW-USG and MODFLOW 6 datasets into a GIS, SURFER and Paraview
  • and much more.

 Of course further help is provided through GMDSI tutorials. However these pages are great for giving you an overview of the plethora of tools that are available to you for free.