Seeking Common Ground: Modellers and Geologists

This page provides you with an opportunity to contribute to a discussion that started with a GMDSI-hosted webinar held on October 28th.  We had four great speakers, followed by questions and discussion from the audience. Our speakers were:

  • Wendy Timms
  • Chris Nicol
  • Rick Evans
  • Hugh Middlemis

If you would like to watch the webinar, click here.

The purpose of the webinar was to address the sometimes conflicting expectations of geologists on the one hand, and modellers on the other hand, on what numerical simulation can contribute to groundwater management and decision-making. Our four speakers had their say. After the webinar, some of our listeners had their say. Now it is your turn.

This page will remain open for about eight weeks. After about four weeks, John Doherty and Catherine Moore (members of the GMDSI project team) will publish a short document which summarizes the discussion, and maybe propose a few ideas from the GMDSI perspective. Anyone who wants to can then comment on that document.