PEST Course: Brisbane


Where: EcoSciences Precinct, Dutton Park, Brisbane

When: Monday 3rd June to Friday 7th June, 2024

Who should attend: Both new and experienced modellers will benefit from the course, as well as anyone who would simply like to understand the theory and practice behind simulation-based data processing and environmental forecasting.

Topic: “PEST” refers to a software package and to a suite of utility programs that supports it. Collectively, these are essential tools in decision-support environmental modelling.

The course is meant for a broad audience. It covers the theory and practice of model calibration and uncertainty analysis. However, because these processes offer deep insights into what modelling can (and cannot) contribute to environmental decision-making, the course will also touch on more “philosophical” issues such as appropriate model complexity and problem decomposition.

Topics covered will include the following:

  • The “model sandwich” – simulator pre- and postprocessing;
  • What is calibration?
  • What is calibration-constrained uncertainty analysis?
  • Pilot points as a parameterisation device;
  • Regularised inversion: theory and practice;
  • Ensemble methods: theory and practice;
  • The benefits of non-stationary geostatistics;
  • Data space inversion for highly efficient uncertainty analysis;
  • Direct predictive hypothesis-testing.

Format: You will work your way through a comprehensive tutorial that complements discussions.

The course will be informal. Topics will be covered at a pace that suits everyone. There will be time to discuss the relevance and application of principles that are addressed in the course to problems that participants are currently addressing.

Resources: Attendees will receive a memory stick with the PEST book, software, slideshows and literature.

Cost: Sponsored event so fees are to only cover costs. These will include lunch and refreshments each day.
Professional $ 495 (including GST)
Student $275 (including GST)

Support: CSIRO venue sponsor. Groundwater Modelling Decision Support Initiative (GMDSI) sponsorship allows this course to be offered at a discounted rate. Supported and administered by the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.

If you are interested in attending a PEST course in another location around Australia, please let us know via the link