Christmas cracker

We called this our “Christmas Cracker” webinar for two good reasons.

Firstly, it was held just 10 days before Christmas 2020.
Secondly, it was entertaining, and easy to listen to.

We have had quite a few requests for presentations that tell the story about decision support modelling in anecdotal terms. So we have tried to oblige. We invited four speakers – all accomplished modellers. They will each spoke for about 15 minutes on some of their experiences in decision-support modelling. In harmony with the GMDSI perspective, the accent was on quantifying and reducing the uncertainties of decision-critical model predictions. However the speakers will didn’t dwell on the mechanics of what they did – just the fact that they did it!

Our speakers were:
Eduardo de Sousa (DHI, Western Australia)
Kevin Hayley (Groundwater Solutions, Victoria)
Matt Knowling (University of Adelaide)
Brioch Hemmings (GNS, New Zealand)

To view the webinar recording, click here