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Structural Overlay Parameters and PLPROC

Using the PLPROC parameter preprocessor supplied with the PEST suite, moveable polylinear and polygonal structural features such as faults and aquitard windows can be inserted

Data Space Inversion

This tutorial introduces data space inversion (DSI). DSI can be used to explore the uncertainties of predictions made by complex models with complicated hydraulic property

The Maths Behind PEST and PEST++

GMDSI presented three webinars delivered by John Doherty (author of PEST). Webinar 1: Wednesday 28th September – Video Recording and PowerPoint PresentationWebinar 2: Wednesday 12th October

intro to pyemu

intro_to_pyemu Intro to pyEMU¶ This notebook provides a quick run through some of the capabilities of pyemu for working with PEST(++). This run through is

Introduction to Regression

  Introduction to Regression¶ This tutorial proves an overview of linear regression. It illustrates fitting a polynomial to noisy data, including the role of SSE