Conceptual Model to Numerical Model Tutorial

Conceptual Model to Numerical Model

This tutorial explores the use of “conceptual points” as a precursor to model parameterisation. Expected hydraulic properties are provided at these conceptual points. Just as importantly, so-called “hyperparameters” are also ascribed to these points; these are used to characterise the nature of hydraulic property heterogeneity as it is likely to prevail in their vicinity. All of these characteristics can vary from point to point. Enough conceptual points should be defined to enable characterisation of site variability. At the same time, conceptual points should be few enough in number for their design and construction to be relatively easily undertaken by hydrogeologists and modellers. The tutorial takes you from conceptualisation to parameterisation to rapid setup of PEST/PEST++ for history-matching and uncertainty analysis. It focuses on a two-dimensional a real problem. Production of a three-dimensional counterpart to this tutorial is underway.