Scientifically-Based, Decision-Support Groundwater Modelling

GMDSI is preparing a two-part book. A draft of the first part of this book is now available. Authored by John Doherty, it provides a comprehensive conceptual framework for decision-support groundwater modelling. Based firmly on scientific principles, it suggests ways in which modelling can better serve the imperatives of environmental management than it does now. It also suggests ways that modellers, as scientists, should talk to each other and to stakeholders about modelling. It emphasizes that the scientific mindset is one of humility, and that scientific findings (especially about natural processes) should always be open to review.

Concepts are explained in an easy-to-understand way. The book is meant for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Part 2 of the book is being prepared. It will complement Part 1 with a suite of real-world examples of these concepts in action. Some GMDSI worked examples will figure in this part of the book. However most examples will be new. This should be available in a few months. Watch this space.


Part 1 – (draft) A Conceptual Framework

Part 2 (coming soon)