Webinar series: Decision-Support Modelling Principles and Practice

In May and June 2020, GMDSI offered a four-part webinar series on decision-support modelling principles and practice. John Doherty and Catherine Moore presented the first three of these webinars, while the fourth was presented by John Doherty and Jeremy White (USGS and co-author of the PEST++ suite). The webinars were chaired by Craig Simmons (NCGRT), Blair Douglas (BHP) and Keith Brown (Rio Tinto).

The unexpectedly high attendance and positive feedback encouraged us to offer a fifth Q&A session chaired by Craig Simmons and led by John Doherty, Catherine Moore, Jeremy White, Blair Douglas and Keith Brown.

If you missed out or would like to review the material, you can watch the recordings or access the PowerPoint slides below.

Webinar 1 – Groundwater Modelling for Decision Support: Concepts and Fundamentals

View webinar recording – Click here. Power point slides – Click here

Webinar 2 – Repercussions for Model Construction, Deployment and Reporting

View webinar recording – Click here. Power point slides – Click here

Webinar 3 – Overview of Data Assimilation Technology – Part 1: Calibration and Linear Analysis

View webinar recording – Click here. Power point slides – Click here

Webinar 4 – Overview of Data Assimilation Technology – Part 2: Uncertainty Analysis and Optimization

View webinar recording – Click here. Power point slides – Click here

Q & A Webinar – GMDSI Decision-Support Modelling: Principles and Practice – View Webinar Recording – Click here

The series’ target audience spanned the spectrum of interests and skills in the groundwater industry, and the success of the webinars exceeded expectations. Around 300 people from all parts of the world attended each webinar, and subsequent downloads of the videos have already exceeded this number.